Some backups failing

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Some backups failing

Postby rdwild » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:43 am

I have 3 backups on this machine, file, exchange and mailbox. Mailbox is failing, exchange is showing in progress from 4 days ago, and file seems to be working.

Logs are here: ... 701a9aa0d9
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Re: Some backups failing

Postby jeff.tang » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:33 am


For the mailbox one, the following error is found.

[2017/10/27 08:06:06] [erro] [1505871248442] [h] Unable to open server file list, "Z:\Temp\CloudBacko Pro\1505871079884\Local@1505871248442\index\index.b2b" is in use by another application.

May I ask if you have any Anti-virus application running on this machine? If so, please exclude the temp directory ""Z:\Temp" from scanning and delete files from temp directory. Please also check if there any bJW.exe running in Task Manager and remove it when there is no backup running. After that, please go to [Utilities] -> [Data Integrity Check] and select the backup set name and the affected destination. Then, perform the integrity without the CRC.

For the Exchange backup, it seems to be hanged or crashed during the delta generation. In this case, please increase the heap size of CloudBacko with more memory resources.

To increase the Java memory settings:

1. Exit CloudBacko Pro and make use there are no active backup jobs running.
2. In a text editor open up the C:\Program Files\CloudBacko Pro\config.ini file

Default settings:

3. Depending on the amount of free memory on your machine, you can increase the settings from 768M to 2048M.

New settings:

4. Save the config.ini
5. Go to [Administrative Tools]>[Services]>[CloudBacko Pro Services] and restart the service for the settings to take effective.
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